We supply all the component parts for Chevy Race Car starter (Hitachi type). There are two type of this starter that we supply-High Torque and Low Torque. The following is their comparison:

High Torque

   1. 2.0kw Torque.

   2. 100% Brand New Unit.

   3. The Price is Outright.

   4. Premium Quality.

   5. Use Aluminum Alloy Block Housing for Strong Torque.


Low Torque

   1. 1.4kw Torque.

   2. Rebuild Unit.

   3. Out Right Price.

   4. Bench Tested.

   5. Use Aluminum Alloy Block Plate for Strong Torque.


    On the Drive Pinion Gear (CW) we also supply counter clockwise for CCW purpose use. There is one particular part that you might be use is the Shim. Some rebuilders they request this Shim (2 pieces a set).

    We can Chrome the parts with special order and quotes. There is a volume price available. Please contact us for more detail information.